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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stuff and trimmings...

On Saturday, Edna starts her sixth year on the web, so I have a little something planned, as some of you are still getting over your Thanksgiving Dinners and first big day of holiday shopping.

This week I worked on a little update on the Drawing Page link that some of you have been visiting. I started a new page, with a link to the older page. I will be updating that page more in the future, but The Sea Gull is taking up the bulk of the free time.

Much work has been done and the schedule of early next year is looking good at this point. Watch for a date here or at Edna's site.

And finally, for you Chaplin fans always looking for something, a website call The Little Tramp has arrived recently. This one is said to be a Blog site, (much like The Little Fellow website). I like to thank them for the nice link too. So do take a visit!

So unless something hot comes up, all from here until November 25th!

(UPDATE: The Little Tramp site link doesn't not work, so I removed the link at this time. )

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