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June 6, 2018 - Re-editing Edna Purviance's family biography 2nd Draft. Photo: Leading Ladies © used by ednapurviance.org

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thanks to the readers...

We like to thank all the readers who visited in October. It made for another record month for Edna's site (under all stat listings). One of the questions I still get asked is "why research Edna", and all I can say is "why not?" At least the readership to Edna's site over the years has shown me there is interest in her and the strong fan response for the book and video has been very encouraging.

I plan to launch the new Cinecon/Hollywood Report very soon. Just placing the finishing touches on it now, including newly arrived photos of Lita at the event!

As for 'The Sea Gull' book, work continues on it. We believe the very high readership of late for the site is in part due to interest in the coming book. We planned to have it out late this year, but I think my thoughts that it might be closer to early next year might come true. Part of that being printing and proofing delays. (Something called shipping, since we are closing in on the holiday season, could delay a few things.) We hope you'll agree that it's more important to get it the best we can than to rush it out for the holiday season.

We are producing this book ourselves, since we had no strong interest from other sources. Being our first book, I can understand. Except for Edna's site and connections with the site, and a brief but wonderful moment showing the video in Hollywood this year, I am unknown (and for that matter, so is Edna, beyond her circle of fans).

We are self-publishing the book, and we do not have deep pockets nor can we spend thousands of dollars to a publisher for this book. I make a modest income at best, and the Hills have been very generous in their help. We are doing this together as a project of our company Leading Ladies, and I have no intention of placing anyone into debt! Also, there is a second book in the works, travel and more research to accomplish, and all that will demand funds.

We will be printing the book through a print-on-demand printing company. I have read the pros and cons on such a choice, and are taking all possible precautions to ensure a quality result. The book may not be as slick as we would love to have in printing, but we are being careful in the proof printing process to get the best results possible. But that doesn't mean the layout or design will be short-changed. In fact, I feel very high about my husband's talent in
producing a very high-end looking product in design. My husband is donating his time to design and layout the book (he designed the cover you have seen here and on Edna's site) and will be the main editor, with the help of talented individuals in the Hill family. It is a
'family affair' in getting the first book on Edna out!

The Sea Gull is a book filled with never before seen images of beautiful 8x10 production stills showing Edna Purviance, Gayne Whitman, Eve Southern and Raymond Bloomer, from a film long lost. It will also showcase Josef von Sternberg's work, as well. With the only known negatives of the film destroyed, this will be the best look into this film to date. I will have a bio section on Edna in the book, information on the other players, about the location shoot and much more. The book will be an experience beyond the photos.

Again, thanks for helping Edna with a record October (best month ever!). I will release the date of the book as soon as we know. It will be posted here, on Edna's home page and on the Introduction page of the Chaplin Library. See the links to the right.

We have a strong desire to do this and believe it is a significant addition to silent film history.


Garen said...

Glad you're not rushing the book out - getting it right is right. You might be surprised at the quality of print-on-demand books, but anyway, it's the content that counts, and the content on this is gold dust. It's odd how Edna is so unknown, yet she featured next to one of the most well-known figures of the 20th century. Quite an enigma! Keep going....

Anonymous said...

I echo Garen, and probably all of your readers. To reiterate what I said in an earlier post, this ranks alongside the Great Dictator color footage as the most important post-Unknown Chaplin discoveries. It deserves a careful, scholarly approach - years from now, no one will remember the delays, only the quality!

Edna's Place said...

Thank you so much Garen! I am certainly keeping going! (We all are!)

Really looking forward to seeing this from the on-demand printers. I have heard good things! (And how to avoid some problems as well.) Still have some issues I am unsure about and looking for answers.

It is odd about Edna, but when you think about it, the focus is always on Chaplin, and not so much on the others. Just good to see or hear Edna's name a bit more. (For the folks who receive it, it was great to hear Robert Osborn, the TCM evening host, finally say Edna's name correctly. For a bit there, he was falling into the french way of saying it.)

Anyways... we are aways from the book proof here yet, but getting there...

(Really looking forward to your book project 'blooming' one day... Keep going as well!)

And I was about to post and I see you Paul! It is the main reason I don't like placing dates. It not like selling fruit, that has to be on the market at the right time. Want to do the very best we can, with the budget and skills we have. I also spent time researching this as well and keeping documents of everything. The pictures, well, are lovely, but that is my bias opinion... Will be a surprise bonus, here and there...