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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Charlie Chaplin ask Courts to Stop His Imitator

Throughout his career, Charles Chaplin brought lawsuits against others imitating him. This suit was in the courts during the time of A Woman of Paris. Chaplin had just premiered Paris in New York City October 3, as he was asking the courts to stop Charlie Amador from imitating his style.

October 5, 1923 - Los Angeles - "A decision was expected Friday in the suit brought in the superior court by Charlie Chaplin motion picture comedian, against Charles Amador and the Western Feature Productions for a permanent order restraining Amador from "imitating" the Chaplin film clothes.

Chaplin already has obtained a temporary injunction preventing the showing of two films made by the defendants and in which it is alleged the styles of shoes, trousers, cane and mustache made famous by Chaplin as well as his pictures were imitated.

The defendants contended that Chaplin's clothes and mannerisms were as old as comedy itself and that he merely an imitator of ancient jesters, so that he had no reason to complain if others used the same "props." - Denver Post October 5, 1923 (pg 24)

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