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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush - French Play

From the Edna Purviance Research File
The idea of using Charlie Chaplin's films as a base for a play is not new, as this March 3, 1926 article from Variety reveals.

French Comedy Based on "Gold Rush" Film - March 3, 1926
"One of the two new openings is a four-act comedy based on Charlie Chaplin's "Gold Rush" picture. This is "Le Figurante de la Gaite" (Super, of the Gaity), which opened favorably at the fashionable little Theatre Daunou. The author is Albert Savior, who wrote "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife."

The piece is a philosophical fantasy having to do with a melancholy and humble actor, loved for the illusion he inspires rather than himself. In plot, a group of practical jokers send this supernumerary with a forged letter arranging a rendezvous with a princess. Lacking sufficient clothing, the actor wears a stage costume to impersonate a rajah and wins the member of royalty.

Victor Boucher was admirable in the principal male role, while Regina Flory was splendid as the princess. Others in the cast are Andre Dubosc and Jacques Gaudin." - March 1926

The second play they mentioned was called "Les Blues de l"Amour" (Love Debutantes) in case you were wondering. The most recent plays based on one of Chaplin's films is "Charlie Chaplin Goes to War." It played in February in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

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