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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New US laws on the resale of mechandise

At times I like to post other items of interest like these I learned about on NPR.

Like many people, I do like to buy used merchandise, like a Chaplin Music CD that is totally out of print. It is the only way you can get many items, but Florida and Utah recently passed laws restricting the sale of used items.

It is intended to crack down on stolen goods, but instead could place small legally ran resale shops out of business. Other states are considering to pass the same laws, so do take a listen to All Things Considered May 29th, 2007 report called Used-CD Shops Criticize Resale Laws.

Internet Radio fight higher per play Fees
A related story about the planned increase in royalties to music companies. While some can survive like LastFM, which was bought by CBS, others could be out of business due to the higher cost per song. Here is a report from Morning Edition, May 28th, 2007: Music Sites Higher Royalty Fees.

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