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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Few Edna Updates...

While still waiting for a few manuscripts to return, I have been spending a few evenings doing a few updates here and on Edna's site.

On this site, I have been working on the links section (see the right hand side). On Edna's site, I did more updating on the Silent Film Event page, more work on the Chaplin Library (as the whole library is currently being updated - more on that later), general updates and corrections throughout the site, and placed up a new Brief Glimpse.

Now just a few notes: We like to send our best wishes to Elaine Pommerening. She produced the Lovelock Walking Tour Brochure two years ago. Our best wishes to a couple of loyal Edna fans, who have been 'under the weather' recently, and hope they are much better soon! And thanks to the latest supporters to The Sea Gull project. Getting much closer to the final printed book now, but still much to do.

Speaking of books, while author Miranda Seymour said she plans a book on Virginia Cherrill, a future Chaplin book is being worked on by Dr. Lisa Stein. It is about Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's brother.

On Grand View, there is a scheduled court hearing this week (should be today - see May 4th, 2007 post for the latest). Lisa Burks does have a behind the scenes report on her blog about the first disinterment at Grand View. No news to report about Edna at Grand View, at this time.

Finally a thanks to all the visitors to Edna's site in April. It made for another record breaking month. More to come in the following weeks, so stay tuned. Thanks very much for visiting and for some of our visitors, have an enjoyable Bank Holiday Weekend!

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