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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Question for you...

Here is the answer to last Wednesday's question:
Who worked in a film with Edna Purviance and Douglas Fairbanks?
Eve Sothern (better known as Eve Southern today).

Eve's birth name was Eve McDonald, until D.W. Griffith changed it to Sothern. Because of Eve's southern accent, Griffith pronounced her new name as 'Southern'.

Over the years, writers started to spell it as Southern instead of Sothern, so both last names have been used.

Eve co-starred with Edna Purviance in 'A Woman of the Sea' (also known as 'The Sea Gull') and played with Douglas Fairbanks in 'The Gaucho'. There will be more about Eve in our upcoming book 'The Sea Gull'.

Now here is our new question for you:
What family has a connection to Charlie Chaplin, Monterey and Lovelock, Nevada?

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what became of Eve Southern? What is her date of death? Who were her husbands? Where did she live?