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Sunday, May 27, 2007

First time Grand View closed for Memorial Weekend

While the court case continues, the limited visiting hours continue too. This was the first Memorial Day weekend Grand View Memorial Park has been closed since it opened over 120 years ago. The Park will be open June 3 and June 17th. The city of Glendale will decide future visiting hours on May 29th, 2007.

Meanwhile, Lisa Burks reports the grass is dry due to no water and the trees are dying too. This being a record-breaking drought year in southern California has added to the problem.

Fire danger on the property is high. Since this park is in a neighborhood filled with homes, that alone should start some movement in watering the property. If nothing else, clear the worst of the dry grass and watering the trees to help keep them from become fire fuel.

More news on Grand View as it develops. Here is the link to Lisa's latest report: Lisa's May 25 report>

Update: May 30th report about the current conditions at Grand View. more>

(Currently no new developments about Edna at Grand View.)

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