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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Grand View - Resident(s) will do it for FREE

UPDATE: August 20th - Glendale City Hall will talk about Grand View at the August 21, 2007 town hall meeting. It will cover the maintenances for Grand View. This link is a PDF about the meeting.

August 18th, 2007 - If the city won't do it, we'll do it for free is the cry after being tried of the slowness of things happening at Grand View:

"People with loved ones at Grand View Memorial Park are willing to do for free right now what the city of Glendale has failed to do with $107,800 in two months.

That was the message Laguna Beach resident Lenore Devlin brought Tuesday to the City Council, as at least one city councilman lamented the city’s inaction at the cemetery.

Devlin’s plan: to mobilize people in Glendale, her own community and Los Angeles County agencies to open the cemetery.

“We’ll all bring water,” she said. “We’ll bring our rakes. We’ll cut. We’ll do whatever is necessary to keep it clean.”

Of all the council members, Bob Yousefian has been the most out-spoken in wanting to get something done:

"...the city is taking too long with the work.

“I was under the impression that staff was working on this because we allocated the funds,” Councilman Bob Yousefian said. “It’s been a month and nothing has happened. I just drove down there, looked at it, and I was horrified.”

“We have almost a million dollars’ worth of department heads out there and they can’t figure out a simple task, which is to go out there and put some water on those trees,” Yousefian said." - Glendale News

When watching the town hall meetings, it is easy to see who is the most interested, but also why the others aren't. It is a complicated problem. It is a private cemetery and not the cities problem, so doing what they think is right.

But this is not a building in a business park, but a historical cemetery that is part of the Glendale community. Little to no action the last year has created the current conditions and it is not going to just 'go away.'

I know on Edna's site we have visitors from around the world watching this develop since I started posting about it in November 2005. Some are quite shocked how a country that is support to be so rich and talks about being a 'can do country', treat their dead so disrespectfully and act like they can't do anything.

The insurance company with the 'afraid someone will get hurt and we get sued' is one problem, it is a private cemetery is another, and the on going lawsuits yet another. But the problem is not just going to disappear and their are people around the world 'watching' what is happening and residence wanting to see something happening.

The complete Glendale News story is up for 14 days from August 18th, 2007.

Glendale City website has some information on GV under HEADLINES.

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