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Saturday, August 04, 2007

India Media Company on Film Coloring Craze

"The craze for colourisation of black and white classic films is on the rise in India."

India is on this 'craze' to take old black and white films and make them into color films. Black and white films should stay as the original creator made them, not what a new generation thinks it should be for some latest style thing. Some of you should remember Ted Turner wanting to do the same thing back in the 80s, but thought better of it.

You can read more about one of the companies planning it. They say it gives movie fans a new experience. Well, you could paint the Washington Monument a hot pink, but that wouldn't make it right. They mention Chaplin's films as a candidate for it, which would be sad to think of. Link to article: more>

"...There are many classics for example Charlie Chaplin - whose film reels are in bad condition and needs restoration," he said." - Goldstone

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