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Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Problem Found

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Just hope this is not happening to you...

In sorting out orders for the new computer this week, we found out our local long distance phone company was sending out 'this number is disconnected' messages to select callers. We had no idea this was happening, since we don't use the land phone line that much and unless someone says something, how could we have known. The computer company had to call us back to confirm the order, and that is when we discovered it.

When I informed the phone company of the problem, they quickly knew exactly what it was. They said it has to do with something called 'broadcasting.' Since they use our original phone line, they re-direct, or 'broadcast' back to our old line (something like that). I found out it is not foolproof and only a problem with long distance calls, but not something they like to 'go public' about. Our local phone company never informed us such a problem existed in the year and half we have been with them.

Most of the time we are told any such problem is our problem not theirs. This time, they quickly responded, as I explained the problem to them. I just have to trust they are being truthful and have fixed the problem, since it can happened at any moment on long distance calls. In my case, it took four calls back for the line to finally work.

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