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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Paulette Goddard Interrupts her Divorce

From the Research File
It was the summer of 1930. Paulette Goddard James was living in Reno when a phone call came to leave for Hollywood.

July 8, 1930 - Reno, Nevada
"Paulette Goddard James, Ziegfeld beauty, has been in Reno for a little more than two months planning on a divorce from Peter James, a former broker, but she will not go through with the divorce at this time, for she has had to go to Hollywood to comply with terms of a contract for four pictures.

The former Paulette Goddard lacked only three weeks of completing her three-month resident in Reno when the call came to go to Hollywood to take part in a new picture. She does not know whether she will have an opportunity to complete her Nevada residence, or will have to give it up and begin all over again after she is through making pictures."

Interestingly, Paulette would later play in a picture called 'The Women' where she plays a woman getting a divorce in Nevada. As for her real divorce, seeing when it did actually occur.

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