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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To our US visitors: Happy Thanksgiving!

And for our vegetable lovers, move over yams, peas and corn...
Have a safe and pleasant holiday!
(It is called a Romanesco, I am told.)


Edna's Place said...

If you are wondering what it is, it is called a Romanesco (that is what they told us at the vegetable market.) I have found it is an Italian vegetable. Personally, I think it looks too cool looking to eat, but eat it, we will...

Edna's Place said...

This is in honor of John Hill. John was Morgan Hill's (Lita and Ellie's father) great grandfather. John was a pioneer vegetable grower in Northern Nevada.

When the Big Meadow was first settled, the settlers brought many crops with them to try.

During Edna's days in Lovelock, it was the last of the great experiences in growing crops in the valley.

One of Edna's family friends were the family who produced the McIntoch apple. (The one you eat.)

Also, the area was filled with settlers from Italy. So it is possible this vegetable was served on a few tables and tried out in vegetable gardens there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like something from a space movie I just saw.