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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Keystone's jazzy 'silent sound' with Dave Douglas

NPR - June 4, 2008 -
Dave Douglas Re-Imagines Silent Film with modern Jazz - Dave Douglas, with California's Keystone Studios, are creating modern Jazz sound to silent film favorites. Learn more from NPR>

"In 2005, Keystone's first release showed that silent film characters could move to modern, groove-based instrumental music. The comedy stars — a bouncy Buster Keaton, a frenetic Fatty Arbuckle, even the bathing beauty Mabel Norman — all danced to a different beat. Douglas wrote music that did not match the movies scene-by-scene. Instead, he complemented them in a musical way.

"I had no idea what the plot was," says Douglas. "They improvised quite a bit, and then they would put the film together at the end. They weren't as concerned with a rigorous linear narrative concept. And jazz is a lot like that." - NPR

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