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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Claire Bloom plays mother of 'Doctor Who'

Claire Bloom, the ballet dancer in Charlie Chaplin's 1952 film 'Limelight', will play the mother to 'Doctor Who' in the coming season, on the BBC science fiction series. Doctor Who is currently played by David Tennant on the BBC series. They are filming now, as friends of Bloom say her 'script is a very closely guarded secret' as the producers are working on keeping her appearance a surprise.

Chaplin fans will be remember Bloom as the ballet dancer 'Terry' who 'Calvero' (played by Chaplin) saves and nurses back to health. Sydney Chaplin (who recently died) played the young composer in the film who was Terry's love interest.

Limelight didn't play in America when it was first released, due to Chaplin not being allowed to return to America in 1952. Chaplin premiered the film in London, and elsewhere, around the world. The film launched Bloom's career in movies, making her the longest surviving leading lady who was first directed in films by Charlie Chaplin and continued in film making.

Fans in the UK will see Clarie's appearance in the coming season. American fans of the show will see it later, as 'Doctor Who' does play on BBC America.

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