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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marie Dressler & Harry Lauder early day recordings

Have you ever wondered how performers like Harry Lauder or Marie Dressler sounded like during their stage days? You can, thanks to the University of California Cylinder Preservation Project. Last December, I stumbled upon this site, while looking up music Edna played. It has a wealth of cylinder recordings to listen too, including Lauder and Dressler from their early stage days.

Marie Dressler starred with Charlie Chaplin in
Tillie's Punctured Romance - Keystone Films (1914)
First full length comedy
Here is Marie from her early stage career singing:
Working Girl' (1910)

Harry Lauder - star during Chaplin's youth and friend of Chaplin
Visited Chaplin at this studio, which a short film was created.
Here is Harry Lauder from his early stage career singing:
'That's the Reason noo I Wear a Kilt' (1908)

Note: I hope some of you who are interested in Chaplin do take a listen to this music from Charlie's day on stage. They have a large collection and a great way to get a feel for that time period. If you have any interest at all in the music Chaplin created, you can get a feel of where he was coming from, by listening to the music of his day. It is a great education in itself.

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