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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rainbow Orchid online story changes to preview

July 26, 2009 - A few sellers are offering The Rainbow Orchid off of Amazon USA.

May 5, 2009 Update - The Rainbow Orchid online comic is now officially a preview version of the comic. Garen's book will be released August 4th, 2009. If you live in the US you can pre-order through Amazon UK now or order directly from Garen after August 4th. If you have not ordered through Amazon UK before, from the USA, read below.

The Rainbow Orchid online web comic has become a preview story.
Garen Ewing has shared his current story of The Rainbow Orchid (part one and most of part two) online since March 2005. But with the book publication with Egmont UK coming in August, the web comic has become a preview version of the comic book starting May 5th.

We have been a longtime fan and supporter of Garen's comic, and truly looking forward to its publication. And for Edna's fans, it holds a special place for us, being it features silent film star, Lily Lawrence, as one of the lead characters, who happens to be a 'friend' of Edna Purviance. Edna is not a character in the story, but mentioned in this wonderful story. So please check out The Rainbow Orchid. LINK

Ordering The Rainbow Orchid from the USA on Amazon UK
The Rainbow Orchid is not available for purchase from the USA, but can be ordered from the UK. While some people may regularly order from Amazon UK from the USA, I have not, so I decided to try it today.

A month ago, I tried to order, but it didn't work for me (wouldn't except my visa), so I called Amazon and they said they were having problems. But, after reading the FB Rainbow Orchid readers group today, I read another USA fan just pre-ordered a book, so thought I try again.

This time my credit card did work. I pre-ordered two Rainbow Orchid books at the current price £4.19 plus shipping. The total for two books was £8.38. (The shipping on one book was £6.98, so decided to order two books and that came to £9.97 for shipping.)

The total bill was £18.35 (at the current May 7 exchange rate $27.56).

But, that will change, because the exchange rate charged on your credit card will be the rates on the date the item is shipped, not ordered. In this case the shipping will be about August 4th.

I will do a follow-up on my order, once it comes later this summer. So if you like to pre-order, you can pre-order from Amazon UK Rainbow Orchid shop. Or, you can order directly from Garen starting August 4th.

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Edna's Place said...

After visiting B&N recently, I find the publication of RO this summer, a very nice change from all the manga books on the shelves, these days.

And while it has quality art work, it has an equally complex and engaging story, which I love, with great characters.