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Friday, May 15, 2009

Revised Second Edition of SG being proofed

I am officially having the revised second edition of The Sea Gull being proof printed NOW. Once everything checks out, I will be ordering the second edition for sale to replace the first edition.

The second edition is basically the same, but has some minor changes and corrections, here and there. It will have a Library of Congress tracking number (which we have been waiting over a year and a half for and one of the main reasons for the second edition) and a notice about Lita's passing in 2008.

I currently have a few first editions left, so if you like to have a first edition, last call. It will end being offered with little notice.

Looking at the printing schedule (if everything goes perfectly), the changeover looks to be in late June. Exact date to be announced.

We like to thank everyone for you support of The Sea Gull.

The first edition sold better than we expected for a niche book (worldwide), and basically only promoted off Edna's sites and from some special supporters who posted links to the book. 'Word of month' did the rest. Many thanks to all of you...


Interesting bits... Edna's home site (and blog, for that matter), had a record day this week, second biggest ever. But oddly, I can't find a single cause for it (and from the data, it wasn't twitter), since the readers came from sources all over (worldwide, but heavily from the states and Canada). Why this happen, I don't know (could be just one of those chance things, since the people came from all over), but it is fun to have Edna (who is a niche subject matter in real terms) having so many people still interested in her. Thanks, everyone...

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Edna's Place said...

As for the Library of Congress tracking Number, I still have to send in a book and it goes through the LC channels before showing up on the database. Just all takes time, but the number took far too long to get, as they finally agreed, after 18 months.