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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

We Found Another Chaplin Doll!

It is alway rewarding to post a story and through that, someone with a similar interest makes contact with you.

Clint Matlock, in the USA, has written about his version of the Charlie Chaplin doll we wrote about several weeks ago. He first saw one like it at a local antique shop, when he was eight years old! He never forgot the doll and now is the owner of one.

Clint is interested in discovering the history of his doll. Our earlier owners, in the UK, want to know about theirs as well.

After seeing the pictures of both dolls, it seems that Clint's doll has all the looks of being the original item. Clint said his doll is 22" tall and has a glued on hat just like the UK doll. But Clint's cloth hat is standing up, instead of looking crushed down as seen in the UK version. The images below shows the differences between these dolls.

Clint's doll clothes look to be the proper style for Chaplin too, with professional-looking sewing. Also, notice the hat on the UK doll.

• He couldn't find any markings.
(Tags, stamps, etc. to tell who the maker was.)

• It appears to be the original version of this doll.
(The UK doll discussed in the earlier blog post appears to be a 're-built' version of the original.)

• The feet appear correct on Clint's doll and professionally sew.
(The UK doll's feet appeared reversed.)

Both Clint and the UK owners are interested in learning more about their dolls. If anyone knows the maker and age, or other details about their history, please contact us here at Edna's Place or ednapurviance.org. We do not currently know anything about the value of these collectibles. Special thanks to Clint for writing in and sending in photos.

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Unknown said...

I have a doll identical to Clints. I do not know the value but have been searching for some time. Mine was given to me when I was 10 by a friend of the family who dealt in antiques. She told me to sell it someday. Did anyone find info on this doll. My email is recovera@yahoo.com
Please let me know.