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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ben Model's NEW score for Bethany Hare's 'SMILE'

Silent film pianist and composer, Ben Model, newly created score for Bethany Hare's 'Smile' video is now available to hear. If you have been following this story, Hare's video went silent last winter, due to the fact she used the copyrighted 'Smile' music for the soundtrack. She had to remove the music, or pay the copyright fee for using it. The video has been silent, until today.

Mr. Model learned about this and donated his time in creating a new score for Hare's video. Since all the news broke on this story, Hare raised her target amount for the Martin House Children's Hospice in the UK. She now plans on continuing her fund raiser for the Martin House, with the new Model score accompanying her video. Recent news story. LINK TO VIDEO

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Edna's Place said...

While this story had a good ending, it doesn't mean anyone should use copyrighted material. Before doing any project, with material from other sources, carefully check out all copyright issues.

Also, it seems there are people who think some of the Chaplin films from 1918 onward, are in the public domain. THEY ARE NOT and are copyrighted with Roy Export, along with Chaplin's name and Little Tramp image. You must get permission from Roy Export. You can learn more on the Chaplin copyrighted materials at charliechaplin.com.