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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kevin Brownlow to receive Honorary Oscar!

Film historian, and preservationist, Kevin Brownlow, whose work with the late David Gill, nearly single-handedly, help save the history of silent films back in the 1970s and 80s, with their documentary series HOLLYWOOD, will be receiving an Honorary Oscar from The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences.

Mr. Brownlow is very well-known in silent film circles, but also with everyone who appreciate film history. He, and David Gill, created outstanding documentaries about Charlie Chaplin (Unknown Chaplin Series), Buster Keaton (A Hard Act to Follow), Harold Lloyd (The Third Genius), D.W. Griffith (Father of Film), Cinema Europe, and many more.

Brownlow also created his own film in the 1960s, about what if Germany did win during WWII and took over Britain, called 'It Happened Here', which took several years to create, with no budget to start with. (Available now on DVD.)

Many fine books to his credit, as well, including a groundbreaking book on the history of silent films 'The Parade's Gone By'. (Online preview of book.)

This is a great honor, for a man who has committed his life to saving not only silent films, but classic films, in general. A wholehearted congratulations!



Unknown said...

Don't forget that Brownlow's remarkable 1968 book "The Parade's Gone By" and the research he did for it, which established his credentials as a peerless film historian. The book was also crucial in getting the ball rolling on the serious reappraisal of silent film, and the preservation efforts that followed.

Edna's Place said...

So right, Paul. An excellent book! (And available for anyone to get, if you haven't.)

Austin Seven said...

For link to a Newspaper Article on this long overdue Award go to photoplay.co.uk
It would appear that 'Coppola' is also appearing alongside Kevin at the ceremony - this could be awkward as he is the Arch Villain who is preventing World Enthusiasts from seeing Kevin's Napoleon - last seen some years ago to huge acclaim at London's Royal Festival Hall and kept under wraps (thanks to Coppola) ever since.