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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Movie and Question for the Week

On November 13th, 1916, Charlie Chaplin released 'Behind the Screen' for Mutual Films. It was his seventh film for the company. Chaplin spoofs his old studio, Keystone, while Edna tries to get a job, not dressed as her beautiful self, but as one of the guys, in this fun film about movie making in Chaplin's day.

Which brings me to my question, 'What other film did Edna dress as a man?' Happy Viewing and Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Tough question! I will guess at "Shoulder Arms", although I could be wrong. One of my fave films too!!

Edna's Place said...

Thank you for visiting! Since other people might not know, I will not post an answer just yet, but before the next question. Shoulder Arms is a good one! - L

Mark said...

I am also guessing "Shoulder Arms" Also I agree it is a classic!!