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Monday, October 17, 2005

Film for the Week of October 17th

On October 20th, 1918, 'Shoulder Arms' was released. It was Chaplin's second film for First National Films. Chaplin almost didn't release it, thinking it was not good enough, but his good friend, Douglas Fairbanks, laughed so hard after seeing a preview, Chaplin was inspired to release it. It became a very successful film and favorite with GI's.

Edna plays a french girl who is caught up in the fighting in France during WWI. Edna's Purviance Family roots happen to be french.
It is my Charlie and Edna's film for the week!


Anonymous said...

One of my very favourite Chaplin films. I always find the ending where Charlie wakes up a little poignant. So, it was Charlie and Edna who won the War!!

Edna's Place said...

YES! (and the war ended soon after this film was released, I might add.)