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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Picture Palaces and Organs

Welcome to Edna's Place!
After much thought, and several starts and stops, I am on my third blog program to see how this one will work until I have time to learn PHP.

This blog will be for updates for Edna's site, and latest related news and information, plus an opportunity to chat about my personal interests.

Today, I am opening with a piece I recently started on LiveJournal about the places where Edna and Charlie's films played.

In the early days, movie theatres could be rather plain places, being little more than store fronts, in some cases. Movies were not considered good enough for the regular theatre. But during the late 1910's and 1920's picture palaces were all the rage! Built with movies in mind, they became the show place in many towns and cities around the world. While live orchestras were used for more important films, specially built pipe organs were the main provider of music in all picture palaces.

It get an idea what some of these places looked like, here is a link to the American Theatre Organ Society website. These feature photos and articles about the organs and theatres located in the US, with some added articles of interest on that era.


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