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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

UK Fans-Unknown Chaplin DVD

For a few months I heard BFI was going to release Kevin Brownlow and David Gill's the 'UNKNOWN CHAPLIN' on DVD in the UK. On the charliechaplin.com site they mention BFI is planning the release in the future. (Thanks, Nancy for the info!) The US/Canada version will be released this November. More information at USA Chaplin DVD.

Also for UK fans, check this link for a bit more information on the Mutual Films Volume 2 release in November. It is available through the Chaplin UK DVD Guide.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Unknown Chaplin. I will order a copy from the US in the meantime though. Thanks for the news on such a great DVD! I wonder how much, if any, unseen footage of Edna exists in the Chaplin Archives? There must be test shots, etc.

Edna's Place said...

You would think all those cans of films from the Mutuals would seem to hold more images of Edna. They did show those few shots in the UNKNOWN, which is the most I have seen released.

Very good wondering on you part... - L