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Friday, October 21, 2005

Question for the Day - October 21th

First off, today is Edna's 110th birthday, so Happy Birthday is in order! She was born on October 21, 1895, in Paradise Valley, Nevada. Since it is her birthday, I thought it was time for a new question for the day. The new question for October 21th, is 'When did you first notice Edna?'

Hope to see some responses to the new question. I also like to still continue the last question before it goes off the first page and in the archives, 'What is your favorite Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin film and why it is your favorite?'

If you like to see all the pages posted for the month, just click on the October Archives. I like to thank all of you who have responsed so far and thank you for visiting Edna's Place!


Mark said...

I first noticed Edna during a TCM showing of Charlie Chaplin films in March 04. Edna was great and my curiosity was aroused to find out more about Edna and her life. Of course Linda's website was like hitting a goldmine of info.

Edna's Place said...

Thanks Mark! Really great to have TCM showing Charlie and Edna's films. In fact, it was TCM where I first saw Edna on film, but not where I first noticed her.

I first noticed Edna in Chaplin's book. It was 1972, right after he was in America. I read this book and saw the name EDNA PURVIANCE from LOVELOCK, NEVADA. I saw her picture in Chaplin's book too and thought how pretty she was. I knew Lovelock and spent summers in that part of Nevada. Since than I wondered how she got from Lovelock to Hollywood! Because Chaplin films were not popular in my farming town and we didn't have cable that carried many stations, I didn't actually see her on screen until I saw the 'UNKNOWN CHAPLIN' series 'My Happiest Years' on TCM. It was one of their 'Happy Birthday' to Chaplin nights. Love that series! Went to all the video stores soon after and ordered tapes of every Chaplin film I could find.

Good to hear from another fan who found Edna on TCM
Thanks for sharing, Mark

Anonymous said...

I first noticed Edna in "The Kid". After that I bought the Essanay/Mutual/First National films on video(since replaced them onto DVD) . Edna certainly made an impression on me! She was very beautiful (comes from within) and funny. I just realised that my Nan shares her birthday with Edna! ( my Nan is now 96!)

Edna's Place said...

Thanks for visiting! That is very nice your Nan shares her birthday with Edna! Happy Birthday to her!

The Kid is one of my favorite, so it was really nice to see the 1921 release version in the David Shepard collection from Image, to see the scenes of Edna that were removed by Chaplin in the early 1970's. Nice to see more of that story!

Again, thanks for visiting! - Linda