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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

AFI 100 Films - silent film list

"City Lights-Best picture I ever seen."- Jack Lemmon

The American Film Institute announced their new 100 greatest film list this evening. While Citizen Kane holds the top spot, this posting is for the silent films on the list.

#82- Sunrise (1927)
#78- Modern Times (1936)

#58- The Gold Rush (1925)
#49- Intolerance (1915)
#18- The General (1927)
#11- City Lights (1931)

City Lights moved from #76 on the old list to #11. Modern Times move from #81 to #78, and The Gold Rush moved #74 to #58. (1997 List)

One odd moment is when Robin Williams talked about The Gold Rush. He mentioned the dance of the potatoes, which is not correct. Charlie Chaplin does the dance of the the dinner rolls, in the dream scene with Georgia Hale. I heard this reference to potatoes before by another actor, but it always been dinner rolls.

Jack Lemmon was on the stage Oscar night when Charlie Chaplin made his return visit to America in 1972.

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