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Friday, June 15, 2007

Grand View Visitation Schedule

Grand View will be open from 12pm to 4pm, this Sunday, June 17th, but future visitation hours are still being decided.

UPDATE June 17th - 'Grand View visits are in jeopardy' - article from Glendale news. (Article available for 14 days from date of release)

"As we understand it now, many of the trees are in danger of collapsing and dropping limbs on people," Najarian said. "What we're faced with now is not only operating but major landscaping and tree work. So, I would like to encourage the city to petition the court or the judge to release some of the funds which are held [in Grand View's endowment care fund, a trust created to maintain the cemetery] to the city so we can make the trees safe — but not just the trees, but the entire area for people to visit." - Glendale News

Update June 20th - "Fate of cemetery visits is uncertain" - article from Glendale news.
(Article available for 14 days from date of release - June 17th)

While the cemetery is legally private, the city has tried to keep it open since late last August, but that ended this last Sunday, June 17th. From the latest article:

"Nora Daniyelyan placed red roses at her son's tombstone and watered the potted plants surrounding his grave. She felt angry and hurt at the city's lack of attention to the cemetery, she said, adding that the situation has caused stress for her family.

"We are grateful that the city has kept it open but now they are closing it," Daniyelyan said. "There is nowhere else we can go to feel at peace."

The decision to keep Grand View open for visitation is up to the City Council, which will discuss the matter on June 26.

Hasmik Avetisyan also felt the city needs to step up.

"The City Council has the power," Avetisyan, a Glendale resident, said. "They should use their power to ask the state for help."

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