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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charlie Chaplin on an eye lash?

One of those, believe it or not. On the ABC Evening News this evening, they showed British artist, Willard Wigan, who creates sculptures on gains of sand that can fit inside a needle hole.

One of the pieces is Charlie Chaplin in his tramp outfit, with cane, on the end of an eye lash. (see image)

The segment is the last one on the program, with Chaplin the last sculpture shown. They have the full video on ABC News website.

UPDATE March 11, 2010 - Willard Wigan was recently interviewed by the Global Atlanta. You can see the interview here. There is a clip of the Chaplin figure on the eyelash in the video interview. Also, residences in Atlanta can see his work until March 27th, at the Atlanta Art Gallery.

2009: See more with this 2009 lecture by Wigan on TED.

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