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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Grand View to be opened, but....

This evening the Glendale City Council held a public meeting on the future of the Grand View Cemetery for visitations.

After over a one hour meeting on the issue, they voted to keep the cemetery open at the same schedule arrangement as now, but due to the current condition of the trees on the property, they will need to look into options into dealing with the trees and possible future watering of the property. Watch for new opening dates.

Lisa Burks has a report on her blog. And here is the link to the latest story from the Glendale News. Posted June 27th (available for free, 14 days): article>
As far as the class action suit being settled, no one really give a clear answer, since there are thousands of claims.

Note on seeing the June 26th meeting on video: more>

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