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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Final Proof Books on there way!

Finally, all our final proof books are on there way. Both of them (paperback and hard cover) should be here in a few days. These books will have to be viewed and adjusted, if needed.

Because we are right in the middle of Christmas season, we are making our final decision as when to launch the book.

The Christmas season creates a problem with getting things printed on time. Plus, the printers are heavily swamped with orders, and it creates an added problem on them being rushed. It means, added crews to help with the load and skeleton crews during the Christmas holiday, not necessarily the best staff.

Leading Ladies wants to try to have the best printed book possible, with the print option we have available. We have been happy with the printed books to date, but Christmas isn't always the ideal time to get things done, especially with a brand new book.

What we plan to do, is view the proof books, adjust the things needed, but go ahead and have the drawing for the free book copy. I am preparing an general email now to all of you on the contest list about the drawing. I will be sending another email after the drawing updating you on the project and launch.

So watch your emails, if you are on the list!

UPDATE: The email to the contest list has been sent. If you didn't receive an email, and you entered the contest, please let me know. You have to be on the list. The date and time for the drawing to begin for the book winner is listed on that email. So watch your emails!

Friday December 7th, 2007 - Thanks for writing in! Great hearing from some of you. As for a few of you on the list, if you didn't get the email about the contest and you are on the list, let me know. I notice just a few emails that didn't work last night. I have not been able to update Edna's site on this. With my main computer down, I have to use one of the other back ups, but it is being used for our business at this time. So all the updates on the drawing are HERE for now.

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