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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just still waiting...

Nothing new to add, but the weather has calmed down here. Except for a few very tall pine trees falling over roads, power lines and onto cars, not too bad right here, but very bad in other areas. Even lost our oldest tree in the state (over 700 years old) during this heavy wind event.

Our best to our northwest fans, especially in the Seattle area, which had the wettest 24 hour period ever recorded, which has shutdown a stretch of Interstate 5 between Portland and Seattle, with about 10 feet of water.

Meanwhile here, still waiting for a video card so I can have my normal computer back again. Also, still waiting for our proof books too, but should have some movement on that soon.

As soon as my normal computer is back, I will send a general email out to all of you who sent in entries to the contest and explain what will happen next.

Also, I have learned my email was down last week and I didn't know it, because it didn't effect all my emails. I am getting mail showing up six days late, so if you wrote and haven't heard back, that could be why.

Otherwise, updating what I can and waiting, waiting, waiting... Again, thanks very much for your support.

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