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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Little concerned...

As a few of you may know, I had to replace my video card this month, as the other one burned out on my main computer. We decided to buy two cards to have a back-up. Well, as of last night, I am now on the back-up card. The first card burned out last night after about 10 days.

Reason for concern? If this last card doesn't hold up and burns out quickly too, it could cause a lot of problems, because I will have to hold off on normal work, until I can order a new computer with a better cooling system for these cards. (The fans on these cards are worthless.)

I still plan to launch The Sea Gull in January, but if the video card goes, there is no way I can continue until I get everything settled in a new computer. So the reason for my little concern...

I know it will happen, just don't know when.

Update January 7th: "When" didn't take too long, as my third video card has not been working well this last week. But with a bit of tech help, the monitors are running fine, now. This will not stop the release of the book, as I have been placing in a backup plan, just in case.

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