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June 6, 2018 - Re-editing Edna Purviance's family biography 2nd Draft. Photo: Leading Ladies © used by ednapurviance.org

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've put The Sea Gull aside today to continue work on the Chaplin Library. I have more books from Dominique to add, but I do believe we should be over 500 books once I have all the latest books entered.

The database is the main project I worked on today. Right now, I have 450 books entered, and adding more. I still have parts that have to be adjusted, but it is working very well.

It was a wonderful gift of 'talent and time' from one of our loyal fans, and it has been a real treat to work with. It is just taking me along time to make it public, due to the work on The Sea Gull.

It is interesting to see 450 covers at once of Chaplin books printed over the years. In this collection, and focusing on the leading ladies, I find Edna and Charlie on the cover of only three books. Georgia Hale shares the cover the most with Chaplin and Claire Bloom, the least. From the other actors, Jackie Coogan shares the most covers.

I have made head ways on the language additions, and continue to work to have the database public in the future.

As for The Sea Gull, I will be posting more about it very soon.

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