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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Sea Gull Launch!

The Sea Gull Launch in January 2008 and News
First our news: We received our hardcover proof back of The Sea Gull from the printers and we have to say, it was a disappointment. We have been pleased with our paperback books and have few things to change, but the quality of the printing and binding for the hardcover doesn't meet our standards. We decided it would be best to NOT offer the hard cover version at this time.

Edna Purviance's 50th Anniversary
Launch of The Sea Gull: As for the softbound release, January 2008 is the 50th Anniversary of the death of Edna Purviance. With all the 2007 celebrations of the 30th year since Charlie Chaplin's passing, we decided one way to honor Edna would be to launch The Sea Gull in January 2008. (see comment for more) It was also the month Edna started working on The Sea Gull in 1926.

The Sea Gull will be released during the week of January 13th, 2008. For our Edna list members, please watch your emails for a bit more news on this to come.

A very special thanks for all your support on this project.

We have loads to do to get ready for this launch, and are really excited that the book is nearly ready for publication.

We hope everyone will have a happy and joyful Christmas season and a good start to 2008!


Edna's Place said...

Important Dates in Edna's Life during the month of January (highs to lows):

Edna's picture appeared in the SF Examiner on January 17th, 1915. Four days late, Edna was working on her first film with Chaplin.

January 1918 - Started working at Chaplin's new studio.

January 1, 1924 - The Dines Shooting.

In January 1926, Edna started work on The Sea Gull.

In January 1928, Edna retired from films.

On January 13th, 1958, Edna died after a long illness with cancer.

In January 2008, the first book to feature Edna, is published.

Edna's Place said...

I finally have my new video card and my main computer backup and running.

I will now be able to update Edna's home site, as usual.

Edna's Place said...

Update: I have been spending lots of time working on the .com site in the evening.

We have made more decisions on how we like to get started with the book sales, so it is taking time to sort out.

With Christmas here now and everyone going off for the holiday, we won't be doing anymore with the book itself until New Year's.

We have just a couple adjustments we want to make, cause by the new material we added, but just waiting until Christmas is over, at this point.

Again, we hope everyone has a good holiday.