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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Charlie Chaplin's Birthday on TCM

April 16, 2008 - Charles Chaplin's Birthday
- A daytime full of Charlie Chaplin films on TCM. Check this link for more.

Also, (if you haven't done it already) check out the Media Room at the TCM website. There you will find hundreds of film clips that have been seen over the years on Turner Classic Movies. Click on browse to reach some of the silent film clips.

For Chaplin fans, there are film clips featuring Chaplin listed under SILENTS and ORIGINALS. And listed under SHORT, one of my favorite series, the FitzPatrick Traveltalks series. This series has some of the earliest color films from world locations. Lots there for many taste.

Few Chaplin and Brownlow highlights:
• The Circus (1928) - Charlie with the monkeys on the tight rope.

• Matt Groening comments about The Circus and Charlie Chaplin

• Clips from City Lights, The Gold Rush and The Kid.

• Daniel Taradesh comments about Charlie Chaplin's film clips on the Oscars.

• Kevin Brownlow on Lon Chaney

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