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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Information the mainstream keeps silent

I had a backward fall a little while back that is causing some problems just sitting in front of the computer these days. So, instead of so must computer stuff lately, I have been spending time away, which includes watching some great documentaries currently on Link TV.

With so much of everything we read and hear today being filtered by a handful of corporations, Link TV is one of the very few independent stations left.

Included in this series are The Corporation, Orwell Rolls in His Grave, Burning Our Future, Propaganda and Politics, The Planet, Stealing Democracy and many more. With it being an election year, people should pay attention and take a peek at some of these films.

Living in an area where forest are (and have been) harvested heavily for a century, I can understand how the people of West Virginia must feel, as shown in the film Burning Our Future.

When you see whole mountains and forest being destroyed and being re-built into a man-made grasslands (changing the landscape forever, polluting fresh water, etc.) just to get coal to burn for cheap electrical power, it might make you look at your cellphone charger or microwave differently. Our world runs on electricity, but we need to see where is it is coming from and what it is doing to others.

I have visited locations where mountains have been destroyed in the mining industry in the western states. It is not new to see, but very sad we haven't become smart enough yet, not to do this sort of wholesale destruction.

Now I know this post has nothing to do with silent films, but I have to say, one of great pleasures I had in meeting Lita, was she really cared about all this stuff too. We use to talk about all this and much more. It is just one of many reasons I really miss her. I am continuing to work on a project for her, that I plan to launch this spring.

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