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Friday, March 14, 2008

Falling Dollar

That £3 UK magazine just became more expensive, as the dollar continues to fall and Gold hits over $1000 per ounce (for the very first time).

Checking the current exchange rates that US consumers actually pay for UK pounds or euro is not good these days. Many of the news articles list the rates banks pay for money. That is not what consumers pay, we pay much more.

Today, depending on who you exchange with, it is running between $2.21 to $2.31 to buy one UK pound. (It can be higher, but very few lower.)

I did check the rate to see how the SG book is doing in pounds, and actually, it is running a bit cheaper now for a UK fan to buy SG, due to the falling dollar.

I will know in the coming weeks, though, if I have to increase the overseas shipping. It is basically right on, at the moment. May 2008, the post office will start charging their new rates.

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