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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Drawing? Thinking about it...

First off, I like to thank everyone from around the world who entered the Edna Purviance Birthday drawing. Of course, we can have only one winner, but I know this copy of The Sea Gull will be appreciated.

Her story (truly experiencing the growing economy down turn) made me think of having one more drawing, using the names I have gathered for the birthday drawing and extending the entry for one more drawing, maybe for Christmas, but more likely January, as The Sea Gull becomes one year old since it's release. I am still thinking about the details on that and report most likely here around November 10th.

I have several posts to add to the blog of books and releases that some fans have emailed. I plan a post for each starting soon.

UPDATE NOV. 12: I was thinking about having another drawing for the holiday season or around the time of the one year release. Due to the new higher printing cost for our book, I will have to delay doing another drawing at this time. The Sea Gull book will be going up in cover price to $49 January 2nd, or sooner. We do have a good supply, so the January date is most likely.

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