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Monday, October 27, 2008

Update on Krypton Imagination Inc.

"The project didn't come off and the investors lost their money..." - Montreal Gazette

An update from the Montreal Gazette that includes Kryton Imagination. (Kryton is connected with Discover Chaplin.) Link to October 23, 2008 article>

"Quebec's financial watchdog has laid 331 charges under the Securities Act against six individuals and two companies accused of offering illegal investments to the public, including in a business to sell Charlie Chaplin-themed products around the world...

The AMF has charged Pierre Verreault, François Ledoux, Jacques Allard, William Thompson, Jacques Lévis and Carmel Yargeau. Also charged are Groupe Krypton Inc. and Krypton Imagination Inc.

At a lavishly catered 2004 press conference to announce the Chaplin-licensing deal, Krypton officials said the company would market a "refreshed Charlie Chaplin persona," first through a line of interactive games for wireless phones and then in a "Shrek-style animated Charlie Chaplin movie," The Gazette reported at the time.

Verreault, described as a chemical engineer who had morphed into an international development expert, said the company planned to make the Little Tramp an icon of the new millennium and added that Krypton was in line for "a really big payback."

Verreault said he had met the Chaplin family through a project he had worked on linked to the Charlie Chaplin museum in Switzerland.

"The project didn't come off and the investors lost their money," Théberge said." - Montreal Gazette, October 23, 2008

NOTE FROM 2005: Krypton Imagination Inc. was founded in 2004 by Pierre Verreault, an expert in e-commerce and international development, and by Jean David, known for his contribution to the success of Cirque du Soleil. BUSINESS PLAN: Krypton will entirely focus on boosting Charlie Chaplin’s image in the 21st century.

Discover Chaplin and www.kryptonimagination.com sites have been basically off line updating, with Discover 'updating' since January 2008.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunate situation, there have been no updates on this since last year, I as a small investor in what seemed to be a good idea at the time have lost my investment and would like updates if any.

Edna's Place said...

Yes, it is. I haven't seen any updates either and very sorry to read that. I was surprised with all the news on that, and only found out by chance on the web. I used to have contact with one person who worked for them directly, but that has gone silent too.

The web page was up until a few months ago, and it appears to be gone too. You could keep checking their home town papers in Canada.

Certainly a place to start to try to learn more, not making it out onto the web.

Could be some forums talking about it, but I don't visit a lot of forums.

Again, sorry to read about your situation. I try to report, when I do see something on the web concerning it, but could of missed something due to work, etc.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your reply. Had a few names of people directly involved with this and tried contacting them, but they have gone silent because their names were all over the media. regards.