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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aviators in Early Hollywood by Shawna Kelly

Aviators in Early Hollywood (Images of America)
By Shawna Kelly

"This book is a striking visual tribute to Hollywood's classic aviator heroes. It is an amazing view into the Hollywood "hangar" of innovative aviators who worked as actors, producers, directors and stunt pilots." - Amazon

If you have an interest in aviation and early Hollywood, you should enjoy adding Shawna's book to your collection. This compact book is chuck full of images from early day Hollywood with information about each image. It makes for an informative and fun read, during an interesting time in flight. Published by Arcadia Publishing, it is now available.

Shawna Kelly is the great granddaughter of Daredevil DeLay, innovator of several aerial firsts for motion pictures and one of the aviators who gave his life for the entertainment world.


Anonymous said...

This is the author of AVIATORS IN EARLY HOLLYWOOD here: I really like the stylish way the book is presented on Edna's site, thank you!

My aviator actor great grandfather, "Daredevil" DeLay made the book's cover with my publisher, Arcadia, having the final choice.

DeLay is also aerial performing in this plane-to-train transfer pictured here (while the train is speeding) for a motion picture. He was the first to perform this aerial sequence and several others for motion pictures.

Edna Purviance loved the aviators and she looks glamorous and adventurous inside a Chaplin seaplane in the book! Dashing Charlie Chaplin at Chaplin Aerodrome photos are within the book too...

Shawna Kelly

Chaplin Aerodrome Performer "Daredevil" DeLay Descendant

Author of NEW book:
Book Companion Web Site

Edna's Place said...

Excellent book, Shawna! Love all the great photos. I hope it is doing well!