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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Happy Eighth Anniversary, as Edna's .org starts eight years on the web. Each year we have continued to grow, as we have already broken a new record earlier this fall for visitors in one year. So we like to thank all our past visitors over the years, as well as the new visitors coming by.

I usually like to celebrate by launching something on this day on Edna's site, so today is no exception. I have a couple of projects in the works, but decided to launch an on going project, that is still in the making.

I have been working on updating the massive Charlie Chaplin Library, which is created from the collection of Dominique Dugros. A couple of years ago Garen Ewing lent his help by creating a basic database to make searching the library easier. The last two years, Dominique and I have been adding nearly 600 books into the database.

The increasing size of the collection is the main reason to switch to a database system, but the project is on going, because Dominique's collection is ever changing. He doesn't even know for sure what he will run across as his collection grows. So not wanting to lock into something that wouldn't fit future books he may find (like e-books, which Dominique started collecting only recently), the database may change as time goes along and grow to fit the collection.

While I will be updating the library with the latest books, other changes may come slowly overtime, but instead of leaving it hidden away, decided to release the database now.

Before using, here is a link to a 'how to use' tips list to introduce you to the database.

Here is the Chaplin Library home page link to where you will find new links to the database.

And here is the link to the main database home page.

Again, this is only a beginning and hope you find it helpful in searching for books in the library. Special thanks to Dominique and Garen for all their help.

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by on the start of the eighth year!


Edna's Place said...

Christmas is only a month away. Since it is not a big holiday for us and frankly the quietest time of the year around here, thinking of doing a little something for Christmas this year. I'll see...

Unknown said...

Congrats on the Anniversay!
Keep up the great work with the site. You're exposing new people to Edna/Charlie/silent films every day when people come across the site.


Edna's Place said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cohen.

Well, keep trying to introduce more people over the years (at least the numbers show more people coming by, as Edna home site is nearing 700,000 for the year) which is not too bad, for our little site.

Hope things are going well for you too. Know you are doing your part as well, at the DCR.

Hope you had a great holiday, as well as everyone else, happening by... L