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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Sea Gull book price going UP!

Thursday, I got the final word about the increased cost of printing and shipping of The Sea Gull book. All added, the cost to produce our book has increased, a lot. We have no choice but to also increase the cover price of the book.

The cost of printing has increased a whopping $8 PER BOOK. Everything else has gone up, including shipping, packaging materials, and more. This is placing the current COST just to produce a single book, at over $40 each!

The new retail price will be $49 dollars per book, plus shipping (we plan to keep the same shipping fees at this time, even though they too, have been going up).

Realistically, the price needs to increase, to also cover other costs, like banking fees, Internet fees, bookkeeping expenses, and gas to get to the post office and back. Most important, we need to keep the Edna Purviance research project alive.

I know some people were complaining about the current $39.95 price, but if we want to keep this project going at all, and not sell at cost or loss, an increase is necessary. Publishing, especially on-demand publishing, will never be the same again. We are entering an era when small run books will become an expensive purchase. We are seeing Chaplin books now in the $65 price range.

Unless we sell out our current stock before December 30th, the new price change will go in effect on January 2, 2009.

We currently have a good stock built up, due to advance warning that the costs were going up.

If you are interested in getting your book at the lower $39.95 price, you need to order now, and before December 30th, 2008, when the price increase takes place.

The edna.com order section of the site will be down on December 31st and January 1, to make the changes.

It's unfortunate we have been forced to make this change, but it is either raise the price to cover the costs, or just pull the book off the market. I think you will agree it makes no sense to sell books at a loss.

UPDATE: March 30, 2009 - We really like to thank everyone who have bought books since we have increased the price. We have shipped to Europe, the UK, Japan, Canada and many locations in the US, since the price increase. I have a new stock of books coming in, but still have a few left for anyone who like to order now.

I did find out on this new order that the prices have gone up, again, with new fees in shipping and printing, but I will not be increasing the price right now. We hope the current prices don't increase anytime soon. Watch Edna's Place Blog 'Happening Right Now' for any rare offers that might come up in the future.

First Edition - Currently, I have the first edition book in stock. If you like to have a first edition, it is time to order your copy. I am currently working on retiring the First Edition of Sea Gull.

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