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Friday, November 28, 2008

List of new books for your Chaplin fans

Below are four new Chaplin books out this fall that might fill that Christmas list. I have entered all these books shown below into the Chaplin/Silent Film book and music guide at Edna's.

Chaplin: A Life - By Stephen M. Weissman (more)

Charlie Chaplin's South London - by Dr. Alan F. Parkinson
Update Dec. 1st: You can order directly from Dr. Parkinson at Amazon UK.
Check the Used book section under AF Parkinson.
He does send outside the UK.

The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin - by Dan Kamin

Chaplin at Essanay - by James L. Neibaur

I have not seen any of these books above, but look to be an interesting group to choose from.

Also, here are a couple books about the silent film era which have Chaplin and Purviance included in them. (These two books I do have and have enjoyed!)

Aviators in Early Hollywood - by Shawna Kelly

Silent Lives - by Lon Davis

Here is a new one I found on the web about silent films.

A Brief History of The Silent Screen and the World at that Time
By Larry Telles

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