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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bit and Pieces...

We hope the Christmas Season is going well for all our readers. Special thanks all the fans who have sent in cards and well wishes.

Well, I got the tree up tonight, ready to decorate Thursday, for our quiet little holiday at home. No plans on the schedule, just staying at home watching a few movies over the holidays. Oh, I may try to do some drawing, work on building an airplane model (something I wanted to try of my favorite airplane from the 1920s) and hoping all the snowstorms continue to hold up until Christmas day. A white Christmas would be nice.

Since it is a very quiet affair here, still thinking of doing a few hour event on Christmas eve and day. Only a few hours, and no announcements, just for our fans who happen by.

Other bits... enjoying Meridian FM, which ended it's live broadcast today. Because of work, I didn't hear much of the last day today, but unlike before, Meridian will be continuing to broadcast music 24 hours a day online well into 2009.

Live weekend and evening programs (London Time) return early next year, as they work toward being a full time station. If you live in their broadcast area, do support them. I do wish I had a station like it locally, but at least I have them online to enjoy.

Oh, yes, the Purviance book. With a load of business work to do over the Christmas holiday too, I hope to get back into the book early next year. Work slowed down on Purviance while I had to get new reading glasses (my old ones failed this summer). But getting new reading glasses turned into a five month ordeal and loads of money (poor lens being the main problem).

But last Friday, I finally received a new pair of reading glasses that will work. I am still not totally settled on the eyeglass issue (still stuck with my old computer reading glasses - they work, but not great).

This use to be so simple, but finding a good eye doctor is not as easy as it once was. But at least I have new reading glasses after five months that will work, so I can get back to more productive work on the book.

And speaking of books, we like to thank all the fans who purchased books this month. We still have just a few left at the old price, but not for much longer. While somethings are going down in price, printing a book has not. So only a few left, and up $10 per book, after the 1st (or sooner).

So, not much news, but hope the holiday season is going smoothly for you... Thanks for stopping by. And again, I may have a little something if you happen by Christmas eve and day...

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