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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bits and Pieces for January 2009

First off, we like to thank everyone who have bought The Sea Gull recently, especially after the increase price. We didn't want to increase the price, but with the new cost in printing (mainly) and more in shipping and packaging, we had too, or just remove from the market. Also, don't know if it will happen, but the Post Master General wants to cancel one day a week for mail delivery which will slow everything down in service. Just have to see what happens, but cost is the reason.

Monday, February, 2, 2009 - There is a reason I chose Groundhog Day to announce the Charlie Chaplin Birthday Event. Check Monday...

Purviance book update: Work is continuing on Edna's second book. If you read my 'Happening Right Now...' notes, you will know I have decided to not name Edna's second book 'Purviance' because too many people still have trouble pronouncing her name correctly, or trying to pronounce it in French (it is a French name, but not pronounced that way, by the family). Chaplin did pronounce her name correctly, by the way, but early on, had thoughts of changing it, until Edna said, no... So the title will be figured out, as I go along.

As for the book, I am currently using my options in doing more research on areas needed for the book. I don't wish to place a release date up, because things can change, but the book and DVD interviewer, with Lita, will be available about the same time. AND, it is highly likely, I will have two versions of the DVD interview because of the new footage with Jack and Edna. Just a lot of issues to sort out.

The DVD will take time to create, and with the BlueRay options, makes things more difficult, but just letting you know, work is 'happening' and updates will appear at times. So stay tune...

Chaplin Database: Noticed the Chaplin Database has been getting very good traffic, so thank you for visiting. I have updated recently with the latest editions for Dominique's Chaplin collection. Still have more updates planned for the regular library.

Grandview Watch: For our readers interested in Grandview, do be aware of the new dates for the openings this year. You can check this link to City of Glendale for more.

On the Surprise front: Recently, I went to pick up the mail, and found a lovely surprise from Japan! It was the book 'Chaplin Symposium in Nara 2006 . 2007' about the Chaplin Conference. In English and Japanese, it is a full report on the conference. So like being there, if you couldn't go. More on this later, but for now a special thanks to Shunichi Ohkubo for this wonderful surprise!

And for other surprises, I have been watching Garen Ewing's Rainbow Orchid blog for updates on his upcoming publication of The Rainbow Orchid. He has been giving his readers updates on the project at his blog. The book will be in three volumes, with Volume One being release this year. Currently the release day is August 2009 (but dates can change, so we will keep an eye on it). The book will be published by Egmont UK, one of the largest children's book publishers in the UK, and known for their re-publication of the classic Tintin series. So I certainly will be watching for this one! (Should be known that one of the lead characters in this book is 'Lily Lawrence', silent film star and friend of 'Edna Purviance'. While the story, set in the 1920s, isn't about a silent film, it features fictional characters who are part of the silent film era. It would make a great addition for our silent film fans, or anyone who love beautifully drawn stories. Can't wait!)

UPDATE APRIL 1, 2009 - Release date for The Rainbow Orchid Volume One by Garen Ewing is August 4th, 2009.

Sunday, February 1, 2009 - On my 'other interest' column, regular readers will know I have been listening to Meridian FM. They will be doing live evening broadcast online. Currently, they have been online with continued music, but will start a series of live online shows starting February 1st. One of my stops will be 'Looking for Yesterday'. An enjoyable show, featuring music from Edna's era. Check this link for details. If you live in the area, do support the station.

That is it for now, but will post an update, if needed. Thanks very much for visiting, and we look forward to your return...

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Garen said...

Thanks for plug, Linda. And I'm really excited about the new Edna book and DVD - it'll be a truly momentous occasion when it's released.