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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Rainbow Orchid showing up on Amazon USA

Just a heads up, as I noticed Garen Ewing's The Rainbow Orchid books are showing up on the Amazon USA USED section, with new books being offered mailed directly from the UK.

I have used The Book Depositary before, so testing out an *order with them. So, if you live in the USA, and don't want to deal with exchange rates, it is available from this link. (The Rainbow Orchid is not officially released in the USA, yet. All books are coming out of the UK.)

If you want to get a special signed and sketched book from Garen, do go to this link for details. Also, take a look at his special offers, including beautiful archival photos and professionally silk-screened Rainbow Orchid T-Shirts!

*Update: The price has went down since I ordered one book this afternoon. Also, we like to thank again the steady stream of listeners to Garen's talk about The Rainbow Orchid.

Update: It changes hourly, but fun to see Garen's book at this time (Aug. 27th UK time) as #6 (out of 60 children books) on the Amazon UK Hot Future Releases.

Update: I have launched a 12 minute image video with segments of Garen's interview. LINK

Update on T-Shirts: Wonderful T-Shirts from Rainbow Orchid Shop. They are GREAT!

I got my in each colour and they are very nice. Light weight, soft and comfortable. I have the small size and it fits with just the right room to spare. The sand colour is even more pleasing in person, because it has a slightly darker tan shade than pictured.

They are so nice, in fact, seriously preparing to get a second order, just to have a supply around for now and the future. See Garen's shop for full details on these special shirts!

(PS - I did have a full post on the web for about a day, but removed it. It was exciting to get the package, but I felt I made a horrible model, so off the web it went.)

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