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Friday, July 10, 2009

When Michael Jackson and Oona Chaplin met

There has been people wondering if Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin ever met. They did not. Michael was a famous child and teenage singing star with the Jackson 5, as well as some solo work during Chaplin's later years. Michael was a huge fan of Chaplin's and the song 'Smile' was his favorite song. Jackson did say he always wanted to meet Oona Chaplin, which he did in the 1980s.

According to Jane Scovell book - 'Oona: Living in the Shadows'
"Oona's old friend Sophia Loren, "something of a Jackson groupie," had been attending Jackson's concerts, and when the singer came to Switzerland the Italian actress did arrange for them to meet. He (Michael Jackson) went to the Manoir and was given a tour of the estate by Oona. At one point she told him that he and Charlie "had a lot in common: you were born poor and had to strive to achieve all that you have." - 'Oona: Living in the Shadows' by Jane Scovell

Chaplin's home? Here is a tour of the Manior in Switzerland by Chaplin fan Rainer Mann. LINK

Update: Aug. 24th - Link to a painting Michael did of Chaplin when he was nine years old.

Update: Dec. 9, 2009 - LA Times Magazine, Michael Jackson dressed as Chaplin.

Update: Dec. 9, 2009 - More about Michael Jackson as Charlie Chaplin photo shoot.

Update Mar. 24, 2010 - 'Charlie and Michael' impersonators at the Adamastor Theatre.


Unknown said...

Always felt there was a little bit more to the connection with Chaplin than just being poor. I'm glad MJ met Oona and got to tour his home. He was a great fan of Charlie's.

jude1951 said...

Michael Jackson was a musical genuis, Chaplin was a great artist, Michael Jackson admired him greatly.

Unknown said...

I personally believe that MJJ and Chaplin were two great INFJs, and that's why Michael related to Chaplin so much. He saw himself in his character, Tramp. There's also one other brilliant person who might be the third INFJ of the kind. It's Arkady Raikin, a famous USSR comedian. He, too, expressed ideas of humanism and if you look at some of his photos, he has absolutely the same type of charm, piercing eyes, etc. He cared deeply for humanity, and that is a common trait both for Chaplin and Jackson. Too sad the geniuses are no longer with us. We won't be seeing another Michael Jackson for a long time now...