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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Charlie Chaplin Playground wins Award

The Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground has won the Adventure Playground of the Year award for 2009. This is great news, as a few years ago, they were having funding problems as the BBC report below shows.

But as this 2009 award shows the Charlie Chaplin playground has bounced back nicely:

"Beverley Salmon, senior playworker at Charlie Chaplin, said: "It's absolutely fantastic news for everyone here at Charlie Chaplin. We work very hard to make it a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for all.

"This is our second year as an independent voluntary run playground managed by Chaplin Trustees, it's been hard work but totally worth it.

"Charlie Chaplin has a large dedicated and highly supportive staff team with a vibrant family atmosphere. The team spirit, drive and passion for play make it a pleasure for me as playground manager.

"Charlie Chaplin is a very special place, a busy energetic environment with the constant roar of children laughing, playing and simply being themselves. We would like to say a big thank you from all the kids, staff, committee and all Chaplin supporters."

Melian Mansfield, chair of London Play, said: "We are delighted that the winner of the 2009 Adventure Playground of the Year Award, chosen by children, is the Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground in Lambeth." - Community Newswire Press

The BBC report from a few years ago when things were on the edge:


jackobob said...

by coincidence last night (tuesday) i was playing volleyball and rounders in kennington park with about thirty odd kids. the charlie chaplin adventure playground being just yards away.

the oddest thing about the place is that there is a huge laminated picture of chaplin over the front entrance but it is not chaplin at all - it's a lookalike. in fact i think it's a woman. and in colour

the printers probably got the image from google and assumed it was the real thing. i'm not sure if anyone has pointed it out to them.

or maybe that's what they wanted.

Edna's Place said...

That's funny. :-D

Who knows, but I do know I have run across people through the site new to Chaplin and not sure what he really looks like.

Edna's Place said...

Jacko, If you could send a pic sometime, it would fun to see. - Linda