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Monday, August 10, 2009

Garen Ewing 'The Rainbow Orchid' Video with his own words

In April 2009, I did an interview with Garen Ewing about The Rainbow Orchid, the Adventures of Julius Chancer. I told Garen at that time I planned to create a video version using his audio recording of the interview and here it is!

This 12 minute video includes Garen talking about the story of The Rainbow Orchid, creation of some of his characters to publishing with Egmont UK. We hope you will enjoy this glimpse into Garen's work with his own words. (The program is saved as a Quicktime high quality video. If you have any playing issues, please let me know. I could try saving in Real Player for PCs.)

Follow the links on the interview pages for more about The Rainbow Orchid and also to our full hour plus long auto interview. Thanks for visiting! (And if you haven't got your copy of Rainbow Orchid, surely take a look and get one!!!)

Update Aug. 14: Here is Garen's own words about his book launch.

When you get your book, check out that special 'spot varnish' on the cover. This is a quick shot (hand held, so a bit of a ghost) but shows the parts with the varnish (Characters and title).

Update Aug. 12: I know from stats, some of you have been trying to translate the podcast page to your language. I wish I knew many different languages, because I would translate it for you. Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoy and able to get a copy of The Rainbow Orchid.

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